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The Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation encouraging positive behaviour change and promoting an understanding of climate change and resource use.

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Surf Coast Secondary College Golf Day

22/11/2019 Unlimited tickets
Surf Coast Secondary College is pleased to announce the details...
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Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group6 days ago
Victoria's Renewable Energy Action Plan supports community energy projects - but it finishes at the end of 2019.

We're calling on the Andrews Government to deliver a plan that will secure Victoria's place as the national community energy leader.

To help our sector thrive, sign the petition to show your support for community-driven clean energy.
Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group3 months ago
The Surf Coast Energy Group wants to encourage more informed action within our community. That is why we are excited to announce Think Resilience- a 10 week series of workshops developed in the United States by the Post Carbon Institute. SCEG is partnering with the PCI to run this subsidised program. Importantly, we think it’s vital to understand the complex problems before us in this 21st century so that our response is commensurate with the challenges.

Learn more and register your interest here- https://www.sceg.org.au/think-resilience/
Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group3 months ago
Saving nature is as much about mathematics as anything. This video about E.O. Wilson and his pioneering work on nature conservation inspires big picture thinking on what we could do on the Surf Coast if we have resolve. Think about Spring Creek and its connection to nature. Alternatively, imagine Torquay's permanent town boundary fringed by Grassy Woodland. Here at SCEG we're thinking about how to do just that. We'll be in touch...
Surf Coast Energy Group
From Ants to Grizzlies: A General Rule for Saving Biodiversity | HHMI BioInteractive Video
This film explores the species-area relationship, a general ecological rule that describes how the number of species in a habitat changes with area, and show...
Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group4 months ago
Kathleen McInnes leads the Climate Extremes and Projections Group in the Climate Science Centre at CSIRO Ocean and Atmosphere. Her research addresses how climate change will affect severe weather events and coastal extreme sea levels particularly in Australia and the South Pacific. She has developed climate projections to assist local government manage coastal hazards and adapt to climate change. She was part of a CSIRO team that developed a wave energy atlas for the Australian Wave Renewable Energy Industry. She has published over 60 refereed publications and over 80 other reports and articles. Her contributions to this work were awarded Eureka awards in 2003 and 2009 and she is a Fellow of the Australian Meteorology and Oceanography Society. She has co-authored several IPCC assessment reports including an upcoming IPCC Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere.