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The Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation encouraging positive behaviour change and promoting an understanding of climate change and resource use.


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We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval with many of us wondering, “But what can I do?”

The Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG) has invested in an initiative to make this easy for all Surf Coast Shire and Greater Geelong residents. Sign up today to receive directly to your phone the acclaimed Think Resilience program.

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Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group2 months ago
One to put in your diary as we challenge ourselves to see what we can do.
Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group4 months ago
On 25th June, the DAL committee will be sending their report to the Planning Minister, including their recommendation for the Spring Creek valley. Our petitions will be wrapping up a few days before that on 21st June so there is time to present them to the Premier (or acting Premier) before a decision is made.

It is critical that we remind Premier Dan Andrews that he needs to keep his promise of no development of the valley west of Duffields Road, so if you haven’t yet done so, can you please sign both petitions and share this email with your friends, family and email and social media networks.

The paper based lower house petitions can be found at these businesses,

• Swell Café (Jan Juc shops)
• Ginger Monkey (Baines Crescent)
• Ocean Grind (new industrial area)
• Torquay Larder (Gilbert Street)
• Bells Bakery (Bell Street)
• Mavis Mavis (Gilbert Street)
• Torquay Swim School (Baines Cres)

And there is an online upper house petition here, just scroll down and click on ‘Click here to sign’.

It’s been an amazing campaign so far but we have one more part to the campaign and it’s probably the most important one. That is political pressure on Premier Dan Andrews to keep his promise. Even though it’s been a strong campaign, what the DAL committee will recommend for Spring Creek is an unknown. The Premier has the power to override what the committee recommend so let’s given him justification to do that by getting thousands of signatures on the petitions.


Darren Noyes-Brown
Mob. 0411 552 447
Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group6 months ago
Community energy groups across Victoria are calling on our supporters to sign this petition for a Community Energy Target!

While there are dozens of community energy groups across the state there is a crucial policy gap stalling progress of mid-scale projects. Large scale renewables have the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and household renewables have Solar Homes, but
mid-scale community generators have no ongoing support.

With a recent Victorian Inquiry recommending the State Government implement a Community Energy Target now’s the time to show your support for community energy by signing this petition.

Surf Coast Energy Group
Surf Coast Energy Group7 months ago
Community Climate Mobiliser program

As part of Surf Coast Shire Council’s climate emergency declaration Council is on the lookout for community members to co-design the community climate emergency response.

From now until 31 March 2021 Council is seeking expressions of interest from people to join the Community Climate Mobiliser program.

The program involves:

· participating in a series of workshops and skill building opportunities

· connecting with other passionate and motivated people

· co-designing and initiating opportunities for community conversations and action on climate change

The program is made up of a series of workshops, taking place from April to June. We invite you to submit an expression of interest and help spread the word. Find out more via https://www.surfcoast.vic.gov.au/About-us/Your-Say/Climate-Emergency